About Marial Maher

After graduating Eckerd College (2008) with a curated degree in Communications & Visual Art, Marial moved to New York City to pursue a creative career which lasted a solid six years [they say, 10 years make you a New Yorker.] Desperate for an upgrade in quality of life, Marial moved back to her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island and started Visual Manor; a marketing service offering creative content and social media management.

The internet is a noisy place. It's heavily saturated with content from all directions, and Visual Manor will facilitate being recognized. Visual Manor’s strategy is to cut through the noise and give clients, brands, and partnerships edge. 


Marial Maher serves as the Marketing Director for the Fitzpatrick Team at RE/MAX. She also has her real estate license in both Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Within her first month of sales, Marial had her a million dollar listing in Newport, Rhode Island.


In Marial's free time, she continues to build her branding, marketing and photography portfolio. She enjoys gardening, running, skiing and spending time with her two labrador retrievers, Splinter and Shredder.