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From $53 Million to $65 Million in One Year

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It wasn't alllllll me, but I would like to believe that my 10 years of marketing experience helped take the Fitzpatrick Team from $53 million to $65 million (in sales) in one year. As the team's marketing director, it's my job to make sure that not only our agents, but the brand as a whole have the tools we need to succeed in an awfully competitive business.

In 2020, the Fitzpatrick Team closed out 151 transactions totaling in over $65 million dollars in sales, a large jump from 2019 (121 transactions totaling $53 million). Even during the pandemic, we were able to navigate around it and adapt quickly. We developed the Digital Buyers Consultation, allowing homebuyers to get direct education on the buying process online. We spearheaded advancements in modern listing presentations with our Listing Leverage, which offers sellers the ultimate advantage in today's marketplace.

We exercised our ability to stay connect with clients through digital tools -- even though deep down inside we just wanted to throw an epic party, FT style. The Fitzpatrick Team has been my platform for so much growth in my professional career; and not only in marketing. I have been participating in sales and it's been such a joy helping my friends, family and community with their real estate goals.

I commend everyone in the real estate community for working hard, pushing boundaries, and keeping our clients safe! I want to raise my water filled glass and cheers to 2021!

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