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Homes Built in the 1700-1900s Now For Sale Across Rhode Island

I have always been a lover of the true antique, and I credit my pop for this attraction. He was an incredible builder, woodworker, and creative. My obsession with historical artifacts started with little trinkets; like old knives, vinyl, fur coats, or animal bones. During my father's last years, he was repairing and restoring furniture. That's when my trinkets turned into trunks, table, bed frames, and chairs. My collection of the aged had grown in size, and I have been running out of space in my tiny apartment. Now, when I browse MLS (Multiple Listing Service) my search criteria only includes homes built in the 1700-1900s. I am still trying to decide which one I want to buy, but here are some old beauts for sale right now across Rhode Island.

97 Bradford Street, Bristol, Rhode Island

BUILT 1872 | $475,000

listed by Elmehdi Mechtaly | Keller Williams

8 Dexter Street, Newport, Rhode Island

BUILT 1849 | $440,000

listed by Ryan Hazinakis | Keller Williams

3672 South County Trail, Richmond, Rhode Island

BUILT 1890 | $399,900

listed by Raymond Kenyon | Keller Williams

218 Morgan Ave. Johnston, Rhode Island

BUILT 1700 | $399,900

listed by Nathan Clark Team

210 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, Rhode Island

BUILT 1900 | $252,000

listed by James Girardi | BHHS

106 Lippitt Ave. Warwick, Rhode Island

BUILT 1875 | $215,000

listed by The Hall Group

86 Dawley Park Road, Richmond, Rhode Island

BUILT 1800 | $175,000

listed by Deborah Casey | BHHS

190 Hollow Hopkin Road, Coventry, Rhode Island

BUILT 1860 | $125,000

listed by Joy Riley | Wescott Properties

11 Baldwin Court, Providence, Rhode Island

BUILT 1900| $72,000

listed by Joy Riley | Wescott Properties

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