• Marial Maher

The Best Slip-On Shoes for Pregnant Women

As I approach the end of my second trimester, I have hit the point where putting on shoes is almost impossible, or at least uncomfortable. So of course, I resorted to social media as a coping mechanism and posted this reel. Shortly after, the support from mom-friends came pouring in on suggestions on the best slip-on shoes for pregnant women! Here is what I found.

Mohinders ($185) these are super cute and earthy. The “Solid Slides” in black are my speed. These are a bit pricer, but it appears that you are getting a really nice crafted shoe that will last beyond motherhood.

Pillow Slides (SALE $29) I actually just purchased these before I even reviewed the remainder of the suggestions made. They are ugly AF, but there is something about them that really just sucked me in. Grrrrrrrrr.

VANS ($60) I am, and will forever be a Vans girl, but they were the culprits of my latest frustrations of being pregnant and incapable of putting on shoes in the first place! Laces goodbye. I also do think that VANS slip-ons would be rather challenging, so I found some pretty dope leather slides. I have my eyes on these Classic Slip-On Mules.

Birkenstocks ($155) Personally, Birks are very close on the scale as Crocs for me. I just can’t fully get on board with this style, but I know people love ‘em so I am here to make a personal suggestion. Take it or leave it. If I had to choose, the Arizona Big Buckle in classic black would be the choice.

Kizik ($99) Their motto is a "hands-free shoe” - so based on their marketing, this seems like a no-brainer. I dig their athletic style and you can definitely get some good wear out of these. I am being pulled towards their Cairo in Bahama because it’s bright and wonderful (and I’m in a good mood today.) Use code “4KQYRT” and get some dollars off too (Thanks Honey).

All Birds ($98) Okay listen, they have way more practical options, but the Women’s Wool Lounger Fluffs look like a step into heaven. You cannot leave the house in these, so maybe the regular Wool Loungers would be a better option!

I’m sorry guys, but I just can’t get down with Crocs or Danskos.