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The Slow Approach To Home Design

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I grew up in a construction zone. I think that's why I have been able to tolerate so much. My father, Steve, was a carpenter, contractor and overall badass...and naturally our childhood home was a product of his craftsmanship. There was always something being remodeled, torn down, added, or shifted. Plywood floors became the new normal throughout the house. My mother, Carol, is an artist, free spirit & has an incredible eye for design. She seized the day with those plywood floors and would accent them with the most beautiful moroccan carpets. She had the ability create a living space that always felt peaceful and calm -- no matter the amount of chaos surrounding her.

RECOMMENDED READING: "STILL: The Slow Home" by Natalie Walton

We call this type of 'home living' the SLOW APPROACH.

"Naturally, as humans, we are drawn to the novel. This trait is exploited by consumer culture to the brink of exhaustion (both our own exhaustion and that of our planet). We are encouraged to follow the latest trends and crave the newest seasonal releases..Before we know it, we are looking at new images and craving the next change. A slow, more considered approach to home-making that allows for the finishing touches in a home to unfold slowly, emerging from, and in tune with, the rhythms of our life." - Ingredients LDN

I have been guilty of this in the past. I have spent endless hours on consumer websites, attempting to purchase everything to finish my home. Full transparency here, I have since moved out of that 'home', where I hemorrhaged thousands of dollars to bring value and 'coziness'. What was the damn rush? I now live in a cute 900 sq. ft. loft apartment, where I was forced to simplify. I was also eager to jump back on Wayfair and give my apartment a full makeover... but I didn't.

I only have sentimental furniture built by my father and items that are close to my soul. I made a decision not to purchase anything NEW. It had to be recycled. Fighting the urge for perfection has resulted in a space that is authentic to me, and frankly much more economic. If we can learn to live with the SLOW APPROACH in mind, we have the ability create the space that is better for the environment, your wallet, and will evolve with our life.

header photo by Ingredients LDN

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